Sometimes I Lie – Alice Feeney

Amber Reynolds finds herself in the hospital after an accident. She finds that she can’t move, speak or even open her eyes. She can, however, feel and hear everything that is going on around her. She finds that she can’t remember why she’s in the hospital, but she has a sneaking suspicion that it has to do with her husband, Paul. The novel moves between three time periods. Before the accident, her time in the hospital and her time as a child through usage of diary entries. Amber finds herself digging for the truth while in her coma, finding herself pulled around in her sense of truth. Who really put her into her coma? Her husband? Sister? Psycho ex-boyfriend? Was it all an accident or was there a motive?

Well, I have to say that I do love a good thriller, Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney was not one. It was okay at best. It was an interesting premise. A woman ends up in a coma and doesn’t know how she got there. Feeney attempts to use the time that Amber spends in a coma to pull everything that is happening together. Pulling in parts from the novel that happened before she ended up in the coma, and even going back to when Amber was younger and keeping a diary. But some of this becomes muddled when the twist is revealed. It took several minutes to understand exactly what happened at each of the twists. Even the final twist at the end of the book left it open as to what exactly happened.

The side characters are flat, only suspicious enough to be considered in the “Who Done It” scheme.  Amber’s husband, Paul, appears to be withdrawn and uninterested in her, Claire, the perfect sister with a temper, and Edward the ex-boyfriend who shows up out of the blue. However, she does use this to her advantage. Having three side characters with seemingly suspicious motives allows Feeney to lure the reader into thinking whom it truly is the perpetrator, often leading you back to someone that you thought was in the clear.

Overall the novel isn’t terrible but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone or read it again.


This book as a curious ending to say the least. Amber, shortly after waking from her coma kills her sister and husband, drugging both of them and then setting the house on fire. Just like Claire did to her parents house when they were younger, allowing for Amber’s parents to be able to a her into their household. Things get a little muddy from here and are open to interpretation. The possibilities that I see are that  Amber and Paul are alive and on tour for Paul’s new novel after adoption her sister’s twins after the accident. Secondly, Claire could have been the one who killed Amber and Paul allowing for her and David to assume their lives and travel with the twins — this one I find to be the least likely. Thirdly, Claire was having an affair with Paul and killed Amber and David in the fire just so that they could be together, they then tour with the twins. Another is that it was Claire or Amber delivered the bracelet, depending on who you believed died in the fire showing that they are still alive. Finally, there is an option involving Edward, who is assumed to of been killed by either Amber or Claire when the police find charred skin in his tanning bed. He could possibly not be dead and delivered the bracelet to the hotel room, perhaps because Amber or Claire told him too. These options are all taken into consideration because the last page of the novel is a different version of the first page:

“My name is Amber Taylor Reynolds. There are three things you should know about me.

  1. I was in a coma.
  2. My sister died in a tragic accident.
  3. Sometimes I lie.” (pg. 451)

So what was she lying about in the end? Who was in the bed when the house burned down? Her identity? Or is she not actually lying about anything in the end? Moreover, is the whole novel a lie?

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