Mid-year Wrap Up 2019

Book read: 31

Total Pages Read: 11,160

Best Reading Month: June, 9 Books

Worst Reading Month: April, 3 Books

Best Reads of 2019 so far:

Worst Reads of 2019 So Far:


This read-a-thon is hosted BookablesChelsea Dolling ReadsSuper Space ChickBetween Chapters, and A Court of Crowns and Quills. Instagram page for the challenge.

I was super excited to find out from Bookables that they were doing another read-a-thon, this time focusing on summer reads. I did pretty good this time around reading 4 out of 5 of the books that I picked out to fit challenges. The challenges were as follows:

Beachy read

Sunrise Colors on the Cover

A Book With a Road Trip/Traveling/Vacationing

Book Set in Summer

A Book With Food on the Cover

Drink Your Favorite Drink While Reading

I’ll give you a minute to figure out which book goes to which prompt.

Beachy Read – The Wedding Date

Book Set in the Summer/Book With Traveling- Heart of a Samurai

Book With Sunset Colors on the Cover – Girls of Paper and Fire

Book With Food on the Cover/Drink Your Favorite Drink While Reading – With The Fire on High

I drank Dr. Pepper while reading this one X]

2018 in Review

Since I did a my weekly review early this week (because I wanted to get one more in before 2019) here’s a review of 2018’s books.

Books Read: 71

Total Pages Read: 24,098

Best Reading Month: Tied at 11 books, July and August

Worst Reading Month: Tied at 3 books, April and November

Best books of 2018:

Worst Books of 2018:

Read-a-thon Wrap Up

I had a lot of fun doing this read-a-thon. Though has it seems to always be when you actually have something that you want to do its suddenly busy. However, I did manage to read three out of the four of the books I picked! The Enchanted Sonata was by far my favorite. I would definitely do one again in the future!