The A-Z of Gender and Sexuality by Morgan Lev Edward Holleb

Many thanks to Netgalley and the Publisher for an E-Advanced Reader Copy of this comic. I was given this in exchange for a fair review.

The A-Z of Gender and Sexuality by Morgan Lev Edward Holleb is a comprehensive guide to terms used for gender and sexuality topics. Something that is needed in a world where terms in this area are forever evolving and emerging. While this is not a bad thing it does make a book like this necessary to know what the correct terminology to use is.

This glossary is extremely educational, as I hoped it would be. It has many terms that I had never heard of and it was fun to learn about their existence. I was especially excited to see different gender neutral terms other than they/them. I was annoyed by the examples that were given for using them in a sentence though. Here there was no usage of punctuation which made it hard to determine the proper way to use them. I hope that this will be fixed in the finished copy.

For being advertised as a glossary this the definitions were quite wordy and political at times. I chose this book to use more like a reference when reading LGBTQ+ novels. Finding a term quickly is important when it comes to this usage. This made it quite annoying for me to use, there were terms that took up whole pages. This made me really dislike this format.

Along with this I was looking for a glossary or a dictionary not a history lesson which is what happened soooo many times here. While it was interesting to read at times, I didn’t think that it was the place for it to be included.

It was incredibly frustrating to be told that something was going to be a glossary of terms and get told things, that while they were related to the word they weren’t needed to know what the word meant. This is not something that I would recommend for what it advertises. Go into this book to not only learn definitions but also to hear more things that are related to the more complex and charged terms. Unfortunately, I could not give it a good rating because of this.  

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