Girl, Wash Your Face – Rachel Hollis

Girl, Wash Your Face : Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be by Rachel Hollis is a collection of lies that women are told as they are growing up. Each chapter is one lie covering things from “I’m Bad at Sex” to “I’m Not a Good Mom.”

I didn’t like this book. I expected so much more from it but in the end I was so let down. So many of the things that she talked about just really ground my gears. From the need to exclude men from the book, to being beat in the face by religion.

First of all why is this book geared only towards women. I’m pretty sure that the majority of the topics in this book are also things that relate to men. For instance in “I Need a Drink” Hollis talks about how after she had kids she started to use wine to calm her nerves and help with the exhaustion that came to taking care of her children. She comes to realise that this is not a healthy way of going about things. But why is this not relatable to men as well? I can see “The Lie: I Need To Make Myself Smaller” and “The Lie: I Need A Hero” possibly only being relatable to women. Why is female empowerment suddenly about excluding men from things? Is it really the right way to go to treat someone else how you have been treated to make yourself feel better about your exclusion? I don’t think so.

I appreciate the things that Hollis brings up, but sometimes her solutions become repetitive. Such as the “just do it.” I don’t need three different chapters telling me that I should just go do it. I get it. Go for you dreams. God will show you the way. I like that she gave points at the end of each chapter showing what helped her get over this lie in her life. Even having things pointed out to me that I never really thought about. For example one of the chapters is “The Lie: I’m Going to Marry Matt Damon” at some point in your life you realise that the celebrity crushes you had as a kid were just you lying to yourself and that it just isn’t going to happen. This added a little humor into a mostly serious book.

I’m glad that Hollis is so solid in her faith, but listening to her talk about it just felt like someone was rubbing sandpaper on my skin. I just don’t like reading books where people chalk up their success or abilities to God. Sure you can think that God gave you these things but you chose to use them. You went out on a limb to do something that could have failed and you were the one who made it a success.

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